Payment & Privacy

H2comics is a one-man company. I do my utmost to process your order fast, but please bear in mind: I am only human. I may be on vacation, I may be ill, I may be dead for all you know. So whatever you do, do not send money until you receive an invoice from me!


After you complete checkout, you will receive an automated email from me to confirm your order has been registered. This is not the invoice. The invoice with the payment options will follow as soon as possible.
Payment is expected within seven days after I send you the invoice. Failure to comply will result in your order being cancelled without further notice. Yes, I am ruthless that way.

Payment options
Customers in the Eurozone (this includes The Netherlands): Payment through the bank. No Paypal.
Customers outside the Eurozone: Payment only through Paypal.

Privacy notice
H2comics does not share your personal information with anyone.